[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.1m version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.1m of Voyager:

MOD => DragScript → Made mandatory selection of ENABLED / DISABLED Events in case of DragScript startup from Custom Block

NEW => DragScript → Added state of enabling the Emergency Events (Exit, Suspend, Light) in the window of the DragScript section

NEW => DragScript → Added new command line parameter /rundefault to start a dragscript indicating only the file name. It will be searched and executed from the default script directory used by Voyager

NEW => Sequence → Added Flag to activate the recalibration of the guide every X minutes in the Guide-Dithering tab of the Sequence configurator. Useful for those with fork mount and active derotation system. The guide recalibration is only performed if the Sequence also manages the initial guide calibration

NEW => Sequence → Added Flag to activate the check of the required tolerance for rotator for each Realign to target. Useful for those with fork mount and active derotation system


BUG => SkyFlat → The Flat Altitude parameter was not used in the general SkyFlat settings. In any case, it is strongly recommended not to modify it and leave it at the default value of 75 °

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

All the best


Welcome addition Leo! Thanks

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Is it available in zip format as well as rar?

My computer does not know what to do with a file that has the rar extension.

Greg, you have to use the WinRAR program to unpack it. Support is not built into Windows as ZIP is. Here’s where to get it:

WinRAR download

I was surprised by the change in file format, but didn’t get around to asking about it until now.

Leo, is there a reason for the change? Just wondering. :slight_smile:


Can we please have it available as a zip again? WinRAR is putting out their hand for money. Zip capability is built into Windows.

Sorry is my mistake during compression choose.

All the best

7-zip unpacks just about everything including rar and it’s free.