[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.4d version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.4d of Voyager:

NEW => DragScript → A new Wait User DATA block has been added to receive manual input data from the user to insert them in the DragScript variables, with optional management of the Timeout

BUG => FIT Headers → Restored the execution of the removal from the FIT Headers of personal data

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

All the best


Example of new Wait User DATA block configuration:

thank you for this add Leo

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Thanks Andrea

All the best

What would be the use case for the new Wait User DATA block, Leo? It looks interesting and powerful but I’m not sure how I might use it.



Hi Glenn,

this is a feature requested by who have a really complex system and do things in presence or do astrometry. Generally is used to conditional running the way the DragScript works doing or not some part of it (equals doing or not some actions) or use the DragScript parameter like argument of actions or external calls to excutable or script). Some examples : choosing the cooler temperature manually at beggining of dragscript, expose dark or dark flat at user input time (using the exposure DragScript block), choose if do or not the DragScript part that realize the flat or dark, choose a set of sequences to do. All those example are based on use of one or more DragScript variables.

Hope this helps.

All the best

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Hi Glenn,

one example could be for the calibration frames: direct the drag script to execute the calibration files in bin 1 or bin 2, execute all files or only darks. Requires the presence of the operator but avoids the acquisition of unnecessary files.

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i have a number of targets each night - each one addressed by a sequence (say, called autosequence1, autosequence2 etc). my default script has 5 consecutive sequences like this but usually there will only be 1-3 used on any given evening.

I will use this manual input to inform the script how many sequences are relevant in a given night at the start of the evening - if i enter 3 it will run the first 3 autosequence slots and then move on to wait for dawn flats…

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Thank you all. This seems like quite a useful addition to DragScript.



Hi everybody,

Thanks for the great updates Leo.

I would just like to flag something I am experiencing after updating.

On the monitor window, the sequence progress bar showing the progress on the current sub seem to be lagging and shuttering. The red bar in the past would build up nice and smoothly, but after I updated and during my previous session I now see it is behaving a bit erratic. Does not impact any functionality, just a visual thing.

Has anybody seen something similar? Maybe its just on my end. I will test further come next available session.

On the topic of the sequence progress bar, I would like to propose an idea for an update of the window. Leo how viable would it be to implement the 2 ‘clock’ interface for sequence progress like on the web dashboard in the monitor window?

Thanks for the great work and development on the software. Just getting better and better!


Dear Jacques ,

List of changes are on top of this thread.
Nothing is changed about sequence status.

Voyager is born for automation and unattended imaging. Sequence information are reduced at minimum to not impact resource.

All the best

Thanks Leo,

Understood. I will dive into the lag issue a bit more and see what seems to be the problem.