[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.4g version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.4g of Voyager:

NEW => ATTENTION !! Updated ASI Camera V2 SDK to version of 2021.10.21, Recommended installation of camera drivers V3.1.7 of 2021.09.06 if you use this Camera manager in Voyager - Then check the Remove Overscan Area settings if present

NEW => Added TLS 1.3 support for sending mails and SSL authentication

NEW => Dragscript → MOUNT-ALT and MOUNT-AZ variable added as pre-filled text for the blocks Sending Telegram, Email and SMS Signals

NEW => Introduced a new Plate Solving Voyager Manual Simulator control for DEBUG activities and verification of internal functions that can also be used by users

MOD => Updated QHY Filter Wheel management for Voyager Direct Drivers

MOD => Strengthened FIT saving and expanded error report in case of “Camera Shot Error”

MOD => Increased the maximum number of emails that can be sent via dragscript using the Voyager account (you must have the support and update service active)

BUG => The introduction of the updated ASI SDK for the ASI Camera V2 automatically solves a rare but possible problem of first full size image damaged after using the ROI for autofocus, ASI2600 and 6200 cameras

BUG => Removed the no reset, in some conditions, of the counter of the mails that can be sent from the Voyager account via DragScript

BUG => If the Virtual Mount Array was selected, the latitude and longitude override panel was not hidden in the Voyager configuration

BUG => The absence of the Flat Device was not detected if requested at the initial check of the Flat action, generating a generic type exception

BUG => Array → In the action of remote flat on the slave nodes an error of invalid use of the virtual mount was generated if the FILE Pattern method was set in the Flat configuration to compose the names of the FITs

BUG => Dragscript → The pre-filled text relating to the internal IPs for the Telegram, Email and SMS Sending Signals blocks was not correctly replaced

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to rollback

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Thanks Leo! Updated to ASI driver 3.17. Where to uncheck the overscan?

Hi Yizhou,

this is a default information I put in the driver update for QHY and ASI. Not all the cameras and brands have this. Just a reminder.

All the best

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Can you tell us about QHY Filter Wheel management for Voyager Direct Drivers? Can you allow the user to set direction of the carousel? In other words, can you set the filter wheel to only spin in one direction? Or do you have to wait for QHY to implement their filter wheel driver to choose direction of carousels?


What you asked is not possible.

All the best

Thanks Leo. Is the new stable QHY SDK updated in Voyager already?

I will add in the next daily build Bill, i must tell about that a thing : who have some camera models need to disconnect the usb cable manually to allow firmware update (camera driver) necessary for the new stable SDK. This like in my case with the 294MM means a trip of 200 km or someone doing this for you during installation (if you dont have a system to isolate the usb connection) because power off the camera is not enough.

All the best

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Just copy qhyccd.dll from latest QHY All-in-One driver in Voyager location.


Peter this may not be enough ! Sdk may require a dedicated camera driver version or you will receive a blocking windows message at first connection. See my previous post.

Ok. But I had no issue doing that. From what QHY web site describes is All-in-One driver is supposed to work for all QHY cameras. They don’t offer dedicated drivers for certain camera models. I always make sure the camera is disconnected during driver installation. I’ve been updating QHY All-in-One drivers every time there’s a new release without issues. It’s been working great.


Yes work , but you assume that everyone has installed QHY’s latest all-in-one. If this is not true and I put the latest SDK in Voyager and the driver you have installed for the camera is incorrect, a pop up appears that you must manually close and blocks the connection of the application you are using until you press ok. QHY checks the SDK and firmware version of your camera before authorizing the connection in the latest SDK versions.

This can be a problem for who have remote observatory if not have way to isolate the USB connection or someone that not release the cable in place, or if the camera haven’t a system to detach usb when is powered down etc etc. For example the QHY294MM get powering from usb and its enough to be on also if its not connected the main power.

Bill’s question was when I will put the latest stable SDK in Voyager, so I’m not sure (Voyager) to have the last driver installed if I do without tell this to final users!

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Good points Leo. Remote operation of their cameras would be severely hindered by the need for unplugging the USB connection. The SDK version enforcement I wasn’t aware of. That could also be a problem for users that have out of date drivers.

The recent bugs they fixed in the latest all in one pack are fairly substantial. Hopefully users will update their cameras accordingly.

Thanks Leo for this update,
This seems to have fixed the 2 problems I reported to you about the plate solve damaged iimage and the ‘Exposure Error’


Hi Uri,

Happy you have solved. ASI new driver/sdk have fixed your problems

All the best

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