[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.5p version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.5p of Voyager:

NEW => Mount → Added CanFindHome Feature control in the Mount Features check (report only, the command already worked correctly)

BUG => Mount → In some conditions the mount tracking was started even if not requested when exiting from the park

BUG => RoboTarget → The values of the histogram with STF instead of RAW were used for the statistics of the single images. Sorry, this implies that the min, max, mean data recorded by FIT in the RoboTarget Database for versions prior to this one is incorrect.

BUG => RoboTarget → In case of IDLE for no available target repeated over time the many simultaneous diagnostic messages (DEBUG) in the monitor box saturated the capacity of managing the message queues making the execution of the action unstable and preventing the execution commands such as abort. The information remained available only in the LOG file dedicated to Advanced as it was originally intended

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to rollback

All the best

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