[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.5za version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.5za of Voyager:

NEW => MOUNT → New Custom Horizon manager added with the possibility of loading and viewing different types of horizon files (TheSkyX, Cartes du Ciel, Generic, APCC)

NEW => CUSTOM HORIZON → Added possibility to indicate an altitude offset applicable to the entire loaded horizon

NEW => ROBOTARGET → In the graphic synoptic of the targets the custom horizon is now also visible if enabled

NEW => ROBOTARGET → If Custom Horizon is enabled in the Mount Settings in Voyager will automatically used in the RoboTarget Scheduling for each targets

NEW => TARGET UI → Added drawing of Custom Horizon (yellow) and azimuth (orange) in the target synoptic (Status Bar)

MOD => ROBOFIRE → Changed maximum and minimum possible values for constraints up to +/- 9999999

MOD => ROBOTARGET SECTION → Modified data grid with alignment and word wrap (Reset the layout using the command at the bottom left of the window)

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to rollback

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Fantastic Leonardo! Grazie Mille! I am downloading it and may get a chance to test it tonight. I seem to recognise the Custom Horizon you used for your video :wink:

One question, does the Custom Horizon - when enabled - override the Hour Angle settings already in the RoboTarget Manager?


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I can only echo Roberto ! Grazie Mille - another big features.

Clear skies,

This is a wonderful release, Leo! Thank you for your hard work.



Custom Horizon is not a constraint that you can remove from RoboTarget, if you have enabled it in Voyager mount settings will be always applied. On plus all the constraints you select for the target must be satisfied at same time to make elegible a target.

Answering to your question , there isn’t any relation between HA e custom horizon so there isn’t override.

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Hey Leonardo! Can you share more info about the format of the GENERIC horizon file? I have an Observer Pro app where I can extract my custom horizon as a PNG and the CSV with azimuth + elevation points.

Ok, got it to work by having such formatted file for Generic:


You can use also for generic (space separator):

0 8

Please explain more about, this is useful for a lot of user…

All the best

A new daily build exit for fix some problem with Horizon, please update:

Is custom horizon only for robotarget or is it in the base version. If so, how do you enable the custom file.

Custom horizon is available also in Base version but just like info draing in ephemeris target graph.

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There is an iOS App called Observer PRO “User Guide — observer.pro” In that app you can create your artificial horizon and then, export it to CSV file. By changing/fixing the exported file numbers, you would be able to import it in Horizon feature.

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How of interest, does the custom horizon impact Robostar choice. For example, Robostar could pick a star which is 1/2 degree away from current centre of target. Will the horizon ensure that the Star picked by Robostar is within the constraints of the new Horizon ?

Thank you

RoboStar are only under this constraints:

RoboStar Automata always go at higher altitude of the target for definitions, in case of failure star will be switched to another higher.

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Robostar Automata is part of advanced I guess ?
For base, if there is star failure, does it also go to higher altitude or to some other random location ?
Thank you

RoboStar is part of all.
Nothing is random in RoboStar, stars are ordered for meridian side, distance and altitude

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