[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.5zb version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.5zb of Voyager:

NEW => RoboTarget Manager → Added Set Name field to Session window data

NEW => RoboTarget Manager → Added contextual menu item (right mouse button) for Session type nodes under Runs to open the related Set or Target node to which they belong

NEW => RoboTarget → Added new Moon Avoidance Lorentzian manager (Setup-> Voyager-> Moon Avoidance Manager) with the possibility of loading and viewing three different types of automatic distance (broadband, narrowband, free). Real-time graph and possibility to generate table data with Distance and Width parameters or by manually adjusting the individual moon phase values

NEW => RoboTarget Manager-> Added management of the new Moon Avoidance Lorentzian constraint with selection of the type of distance with the possibility of activating the Moon Down flag. The parameter works in and with the other Moon management parameters. To be used in mutual exclusion with the fixed distance of the previous constraint

BUG => DragScript → Text correction of the SQM block configuration form

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to rollback

All the best


Will downloading a beta build overwrite any config - i.e. my v curve information that you fixed last night for me?
Many thanks

Absolutely no, the data and application executable and library are separated in Voyager.
Anyway voyager provide a constant backup of profile and data file.

All the best

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