[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.6e version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.6e of Voyager:

NEW => RoboTarget → Added possibility to override on Cooling Set Point, Guiding Exposure Time, Wait Between Shot with values dedicated to the target

NEW => Advanced NDA → Modified API dedicated to targets with new overrides and new target mode

NEW => RoboTarget Manager-> Added Preset Time Interval [V] constraint to have targets executable in absolute priority at execution in the indicated time interval and early time if necessary (interrupt all other targets except OneShot)

NEW => RoboTarget → Managed Constraint Preset Time Interval [V] view the dedicated video tutorial https://vimeo.com/user26668697

NEW => Application Server → Added the TimeInfoUTC field to the NewJPGReady event with the date and time of the image in UTC format

BUG => Viking → I / O cards with more than 20 Digital Inputs generated an error reading the states received from Viking

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to rollback

All the best