Dark Flat log file info

I am moving towards using dark flats for my processing and wondered, Is there a log that can be parsed for determining the average sub time of the flats it takes using the Auto flat sequence? If so is there a string that can be used in dragscript that averages the time and can be used to take the dark flats? Thanks.

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There isn’t this info in Voyager. you can referer to the time you have inserted in the autoflat sequence.
I suggest to create a library of this darkflat using the dragscript:

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Im just starting to use this aspect of Voyager.
Is it possible to add an auto-dark feature for this that takes and subtracts a flat dark as part of the sequence ? That would prevent having to specify a separate flat dark in the sequence whose exposure value we can’t know until the flat is taken.

Hi Mike,

this is not possible in Voyager. Dark for flat is something just for few CMOS camera, usually Bias work perfectly for all. If you use Dark Flat you can use scaled dark script at resolution of 0.5s this is enough to match all the timing, not needed to do dark flat every time. Program like PixInsight will select for you the most closest dark to apply if you want.

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