Darks at the end of sequence and flat device


I wanted to add some darks at the end of my sequence (launched by dragscript). However, I wasn’t sure if the flat device / cover would close automatically for the darks portion of the sequence. Is that the case ? If not, is there a way to do that ?
Alternatively, I could add a darks sequence only but it seems that the sequence needs to point somewhere (and potentially try to focus?). Thanks

Dak shot just close the shutter (electronic or mechanical) and do not touch the flat/cover device if you really need this. If you need to open/close you can do manually or in DragScript. In DragScript is really easy to do.

For calibration file (dark and bias) I suggest you again to use DragScript, there is a precompiled one (DragScript Examples - Voyager Wiki) that you can modify at your needed. In this way you use only the camera and decide what to do with mount etc or if is already parked … not touch anything else.

All the best