Dec-arc tracking APCC Pro


I am testing Dec-arc tracking while imaging in the field and it works great with my portable setup, effectively it saves me from autoguiding.

What is your experience with this nice feature of APCC pro?
Right now I am building the Dec arcs by hand, once the DecArc is built and stored in APCC pro I give control to Voyager to do the capture.

Any idea how to integrate this process in Dragscript (calling an external batch script, etc)?

Thanks for reading,



Voyager have more than 300 APIs dedicated to interaction since 10 years.
I’m happy to help who want to write a plugin to manage APCC and other things.


Hi José,

I am too using the same feature with my permanently installed AP mount in my backyard. However, I did once a model composed of 300 stars, activated the feature that you mentioned, and never turned it off because it definitely improves the tracking accuracy.

What are your needs ? Have dragscript to “automate” the modeling ?