Default directory for files

Just started with a Trial Copy of Voyager. Unless I mis/sed it somewhere I can’t find anyway to specify a directory to use for the storage of the FITS camera images, sequences and other files. The instructions say the default is the C:/Windows/User/Documents folder (where Voyager created them during install). I need to be able to specify another location. I use a NUC out at my pier and the C:/ drive has very limited space. There is a D:/ drive (SSD) installed where I send all my data (captured images, etc.). Without the ability to specify a new location Voyager is ‘dead in the water’ as far as I am concerned.

If this is not possible now, can it be added to the feature requests?

You can specify the target location at sequence level (sequence directory)

You can also change the default target location in the Voyager setup (PATH)