Default temperature set in Commands->Camera

I wondered if there is any way of setting the default temperature from the default of -20. I have tried setting ‘Default Temp Cooling’ under Startup->Camera but that does not seem to affect it.

It’s a small thing, just saves me some typing at each startup.

Many thanks

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My advice is to not set default temperature and use “Leave unchanged” option. Manage temperature in Sequence or DragScript.
If you want to set a default when connect just set the temperature in “default temp cooling” and choose ON on connect:

Thanks Leo.

It’s just for the times that I need to cool the sensor outside of dragscript or sequence so I’ll use one of your suggestions.


You can manually set and change the setpoint temperature of your connected camera by accessing the “command” tab on the right side tool bar. It is at the bottom and will toggle from the default status toolbar to the command toolbar.