Denkovi smartDEN IP-Maxi support?

Wondering if anyone was able to get this device working. I checked with Borislav before ordering it and he said teh protocol should be the same as teh DAEnet IP4 but when it arrived and I setup the device, I get an error for Viking - I tried all three Denkovi drivers and I get an error

I assume it’s because they are not as “compatible” as Borislav thought.
But I also wonder if maybe it’s a setting I have wrong?
(the main reason I want this device is that it is a DIN rail relay device and it also has switch/contac support for things like roof open etc. - I’ts pretty cool!)

Protocol could be compatible but probably not the number of I/O and other things similar.
Is a parsing error so this is something to ask before, like you can see on Viking more Denkovi Cards are supported but all with their class. If the device is not on the list you cannot use it in Viking out of box.

List of supported I/O cards and protocol:

Please use support for this kind of question.

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I’m pleased to report that Loenardo and the team implemented the new driver and it’s working great! A nice DIN rail box with 8 relays, 8 digital inputs, 4 analog general purpose inputs, 4 temperature inputs and 2x DAC (0-10V) outputs.
Nice little box for the price - no internal automation/PLC functions, so it’s not even close to a Dragonfly, but it’s also $145 - great for those of us on a budget.

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Internal automation is should not necessary if you use DragScript … this is why I’ve created Viking and for sure DragScript … to automate also with some logic the I/O card or protocols that have only basics functionality.

Thanks Paul

Thanks Leo - just to make sure I understand, if for example a DAC detects that humidity has gone high, my DragScript or Viking can automate turning on the dehumidifier asynchronously? I will need to re-read the documentation.

Hi Paul,

usually is something that a General DragScript take care before starting the night and run the sequence, in idle time.

Some users have a PC dedicated in observatory with Voyager and Viking (usually a miniPC stick). that running forever managing this kind of things. If your I/O board support more than one connection this is simple.

Also now you can do with 2 instances of Viking.

I will add a miniPLC on VIking based on DragScript to run async task.

All the best

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That will be really cool