Display Image Time Remaining and Filter status?


I am current imaging NGC 7479 (Superman Galaxy) with Voyager for the first time and I am enjoying it so far. I started with Green filter and all images captured looks great so far and now it just switched to Blue filter.

I have two small requests. One is to display remaining time for each image during image exposing at the bottom of the screen next to “Expose file_name.FIT” to show something like “Time Remaing: XX:XX”. It can be a convenience to some people like myself.

Another request is to display the current status of the filter of the filter wheel maybe in the “Status” Window area? When the sequence changes filter, I do not see anywhere on Voyager screen to show the current filter status. I know the Sequence changed the filter when appropriate but it’s not always easy to tell.

Both requests are minor and not extremely important.


Hello Peter,

in web dashboard you can find the info you ask.
Usually Voyager is unattended and an automation application take care of you. In all shot request you must specify the filter so you have absolute control. Anyway i’ll put on to do list.

All the best

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