Display stored camera PA from RoboClip target in on the fly tab

I often use plate solving in the On The Fly tab to dial in camera angle on a target as I have a manual rotator. Camera PA is displayed in a sequence if a target is called up from RoboClip, but the PA is not included in the On The Fly tab. Having the target PA displayed in the On The Fly tab would be useful when manually rotating the camera, using plate solving for feedback.

Would it be possible to include the PA in the target coordinates section of the On The Fly tab, populated from the RoboClip data if the target is loaded from there? I assume if a target/sequence was created manually in the On The Fly tab the PA would be populated from the camera PA in the camera setup tab.

When you load a target from RoboClip, PA is added to rotator action settings in onthefly like default:

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Thanks Leonardo, but I have not really explained myself properly. My camera rotation is manual (I would love an automated rotator!) I use plate solving via “Plate solve actual coord” for feedback to dial in the rotator until I have the PA where it needs to be, it generally only takes a few iterations to have it set acceptably.

What I was meaning is that it would be useful if target PA was displayed on the top line with the target RA and Dec, as it is in a sequence (To the left of the “Transit” button in this screenshot) setting a manual rotator angle would then be as simple as plate solving and comparing the target coordinates line against the solved coordinates line and adjusting as required.

It is not onerous as it is, but I find myself regularly re opening RoboClip or a sequence to confirm I am setting to the correct angle for my next target.

Thanks to you, probably i dont explain also myself, open the settings of rotators action if you want to see the PA of last target get from Roboclip. You will found here when choosed a target from RoboClip and this have a PA associated.

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No problem Leonardo, the rotator buttons are actually an easier place to see the required angle than calling up a sequence or going in to RoboClip.

What I was wondering about though was added information on the main On The Fly page so that you can see the required camera angle and the last solved camera angle on the same screen. That way you can plate solve and simply compare two numbers that are close to each other on screen and both visible at once to make comparing them quick and easy, you don’t even need another mouse click after solving, to compare them.

Hi Paul,

there is some reasons why you dont find PA in the target box … no one of the action in the box will use this PA is the first. Real rotator is auto adjusting on PA so you dont need to know. Manual rotator with a dedicated window (what you want) is something low priority for us, sorry.

Webdashboard report info about Rotator PA and Last Solved PA, we will add to the rotator widget in Voyager main windows also.

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Thanks Leonardo. It really is just a “Nice to have” thing. It will be a long while before I am likely to have an automated rotator. My “Remote” imaging site is 100 meters from my house in Bortle 3 skies so automation of rotation is very hard to justify when I can just walk out and do it manually.