Distributed Emergency Plugin .. next to release

We are next to release the Distributed Emergency Plugin for Voyager.

This plugin allows you to have a voyager instance (local or on another PC on the network) that manages ONLY the emergency status coming from the Weather, I / O card, Safe monitor. Status is centralized and distributed making it available via the networked Voyager application server to other Voyager instances / installations. System clients will thus receive a single distributed state without accessing weather controls, I / O and safe monitors.




Useful for those who have an observatory with multiple piers and setups, to centralize the opening / closing operations and the beginning and end of the sessions with the management of exit, suspension and resume events.

We have specially prepared for the MASTER a customizable DragSscript, embedded in DragScript Editor, that manages the waiting operations at the beginning and at the end of the night and the emergency states in distribution. The DragScript is ready to be used by adding only the opening and closing part of the roof which depends on your systems.

For more information we are available.


Excellent news! I am achieving similar functionality with some scripting and distributed samba text file. Looking forward to use it!



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Hi José,

thanks for take time to read about this new feature.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo, this sounds perfect for my needs and is very welcome :+1:

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For my understanding, what’s the difference between this feature vs. all systems in a shared pier connecting to the common devices (roof, weather station, etc.), and receive Emergency notice on their own?

This system is not for who have one pier but more piers in one build with one roof control and not necessary from the same owner

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this is very cool. I have been playing around with observatory automation and can see a benefit from splitting the management of the observatory (weather, power, etc) from the individual collectors - this is a great move to introduce more modularity into a rental or shared observatory model - great stuff

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