Distributed Emergency plugin

I have an observatory with 2 piers, each running Voyager. I have just purchased the Distributed Emergency plugin and will run a 3rd computer to control the observatory roof and cloud watcher.

Am I correct in assuming that the dragscripts on each of the piers can have their own start times and when they are ready to open the roof, then that command is sent to the 3rd computer to open the roof?

No, the master computer controls the roof on its own and just provides the distributed emergency status to the pier computers. So the drag script on the master waits for conditions to be right and then opens the roof. When conditions are right and the roof is open it then sets the distributed emergency status to safe and then the other voyagers will see it as safe. In the the drag scripts on the other voyagers instead of waiting for astronomical night or whatever you’d normally do you wait for distributed safe. If conditions become unsafe the pier voyagers will suspend or exit because the master will set emergency suspend or emergency exit and close the roof.

Thanks Kyle,

That a clear explanation and different to what I thought. Thanks for taking the time to explain.