Dither after each exposure - unguided

I have found in the setup and sequence options to setup dithering. My question is can if I’m taking 5m exposures can I set the dither minutes to 1 min and it will dither at the end of each exposure?

Any suggestions or lessons learned are very welcome.

I am not sure if I understand what you mean by “I’m taking 5m exposures can I set the dither minutes to 1 min”. You want dither within exposure??

Anyway, I guess you already find the settings in Sequence --> Guiding/Dithering; If you want to enable dithering, just check that checkbox; and in “Every X exposure” you simply input the # of frames you want between each dither.

No. I want to dither after each image… so after each image do a dither.

I get it now…

I was confused by the settings but I get it now. I was concentrating on the realign image minutes. I did not notice the 'Every X Exposure" right above it.

The realign setting will probably take a little fiddling to settle on, maybe every 30 minutes would be a good start but you will first need to see how quickly unguided imaging and dithering de-centers your target.

Hi Rhett,
Realign To Target setting must be activated to recenter unguided poses after several minutes, it is very useful for unguided poses, because you could have a little drift during the night, this is not related with dithering.
In my setup I’ve set it on 60 minutes.

Boils down to realigning every x exposures. For long narrowband exposures you might only want to recenter every couple of hours, for short CMOS subs 20 minutes or so. Unguided dithering and recentering was one of my prime reasons for adopting Voyager.

I agree and when used with DragScript you can get great flexibility. My set up stops guiding, does an unguided dither, reselects a guidestar and starts guding again. Every expsoure for longer exposures and every 5 for short ones.