Dither X Exposure by Slot

I think implementing “dither by slot” would be more practical and maybe even replacing dither “Every X Exposure” (since you will control it in every slot).

For example, if you run sequence with L and Ha (or other narrowband) filters, for lets say 3 hours.
You doing L - 2 min exposures and HA - 15 minutes.
For Ha it’s obviously you want to dither every frame, but if you set dither every 1 frame, in 3 hours
you will dither 90 times for Lum, were you can easily dither every 3-4 frames and save even more time.

So it may be easily done by doing:

Slot 1: Filter L, Suffix, 60 sec … Repeat 90, Dither (every 3 exposure)
Slot 2: Filter Ha, Suffix, 900 sec… Repeat 12, Dither (every 1 exposure)

Thank you for consideration!

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Mix narrow and broadband in the same sequence isn’t something we suggest to do. Better to do 2 sequences and separate the shots, in this case you can use different dithering settings. Dithering for single slot is not something that we are interested in, sorry.

Thanks to you.

All the best

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