DLI Web Power Switch?

I just discovered Voyager and Viking the other day. Does Viking support the DLI Web Power switch?


Thank you.


Hey Russ,
Have you been reading my mail :wink: ?
Tolga suggested this and I was discussing it with Leo yesterday. I have one of these too.
I think Leo is looking into it so we’ll let him answer.

Welcome Russ … i can add.
Just need to write driver wrapper in Viking and do some test with Rowland.

All the best

I’ve had one for 5 years now. This one: http://www.digital-loggers.com/220.html

I use a simple bat file to control the output ports. It has an https interface.

It would be good if these could be controlled from Voyager also.


In Voyager no, if you want yu can run an external script.
Eventually import of this kind of device is just in Viking.