Does Voyager Support 32-Bit Maxdome II Driver?

Does anyone know if Voyager supports the Diffraction Limited MaxDome II ASCOM Dirver? Unfortunately this driver is still only available in a 32bit version. I have contacted Diffraction Limited asking if they plan to develop a 64bit driver and they said it is on the list, but got the impression it was not a prioirity.

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I am looking at Voyager as an alternative to SGP and was curious if there is a 32bit version of the software?

Voyager is a 32bit application, so you must use the 32bit driver version of MaxDome.

So many users using MaxDome in Voyager. ASCOM Device Hub is not used by Voyager because have internally management of geometry and mount.

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Hi Leonardo.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Good to know that Voyager is only 32bit as that should eliminate the problem. As mentioned, the MDII driver is only available in 32bit as well.

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As mentioned in another post, I have not installed Voyager yet as I want the 45 day trial to extend to the end of the year when I have time off. I plan to install it in a couple weeks.

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