Does Voyager support MQTT?

I am evaluating Voyager as a possible alternative to SGP and N.I.N.A.

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I was just curious if Voyager has any plans to implement MQTT and if it will be able to publish device states?

Thanks for the info.


Hi AJ,

Voyager have a companion for I/O tasks and I/O Cards management and its called Viking:

Viking is fully integrated like features and management in Voyager and his DragScript Engine and normalize alla the I/O informations to Voyager. You can create from simple to complex automation environment with events management really in a simple way without know the I/O Cards working underground. We do not support MQTT directly because most of the I/O card compatible with Voyager are really cheap.

Some users have implemented driver for Viking emulating I/O cards supported with a cross bridge to MQTT system. You can found with a search in this forum.

All the best