Dome and weather options

I have an ASCOM dome ( Lesve ). There are several options to check available. I want to ensure that AZ sync and slaving is managed properly. It is important that Voyager wait for both the dome and scope complete before taking an image. I see a message while running that sync is not a manged

I think Voyager needs an another program to determine dome AZ such as ASCOM Dome or POTH. How best to configure this?

My second question is the Weather options. It not clear what the difference between suspend and exit.
How can I understand this better? I would like to know what emergency actions are taken for each box.

When will the dome close and when will it reopen when weather clears? I think right now " suspend " just stops tracking or parks the mount but my dome remains open.



Voyager can handle Dome that have slave mode managed internally in the driver (this mean Dome with AutoSync). If is directly the driver like ScopeDOme or other thirdy parts driver is the same. RoboDome, that can calculate azimuth based on measure of dome and telescope assembling, is under development.

If you have dome can be slaved with internal sync to telescope like ScopeDome VOyager can manage it. Dome and scope are waited to be sync in all the action that require this : shot, calibration guide, guide, goto etc etc. You can sync or not when you are out of session to allow you to operate manually inside in dome without rotation.

If you configure a thirdy parts drivers to calculate azimuth based on scope position just be sure that the mount driver can allow multiple connection or use ASCOM HUB. Try all before do unattend imaging.

Suspend is temporary stop of dragscript , Emergency Exit mean stop and exit from dragscript. Example, if you have wind you can decide to suspend dragscript and wait that wind go back. If you have strong wind you can decide to suspend parking and closing the dome but leave all connected for an interval of time with hope that wind become normal (1h or 2h). If Raining you can decide to close all and shutdown exiting from dragscript.

Events work only in dragscript. If you exit from dragscript you need to restart manually the dragscript.

What to do in suspend resume and exit events you are completly free to choose, you can park close or park only or just stop tracking or so and so … you can put inside how many dragscript blocks you want. When a events was generated all the block inside the single event will be done to the end before entering in suspend resume o oxit mode.

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What conditions close the observatory using OnTheFly ?

OnTheFly mean you are interacting with Voyager and you are supervisioning operations.
Only in DragScript were managed weather events or Viking I/O events, inside events you can put your own operative strategy.

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