Dome Not Slaved


How do you get the Dome to follow the mount when you do a GoTo? Right now, if I send the mount to a target, the dome does not follow automatically - how do I get it to do that?

Also, I can’t find anywhere to set the Slave Properties (offsets to have the dome slit and scope in sync) for the dome in Voyageur - does Voyageur have that ability? Programs such as SGP and POTH have this ability.

Voyager does not control dome observatories. It relies on Ascom dome driver or Poth to do so, please dont compare this softawe with SGP…

The way it works is, you connect your ascom dome driver to your mount and your observatory , then voyager isues the slave, home or park commands… your offsets are on the ascom dome driver or in Poth… whatever you prefer to use.

Thanks Diego,

That clears that up.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Voyager Manage Dome with Auto Sync functionallity. This mean they have in the driver the system to sync to the mount (like scopedome … and others). Instead you can use ASCOM Dome or poth.

I started some years ago to develop the RoboDome automa to manage the Sync but i stopped it because personally i dont have a Dome for test it.


Hi Leo,

Thanks for the info…I’m using a Nexdome and will use POTH to control it for now…maybe you need a Nexdome :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, I’ve run Voyager with Nexdome’s just released dome driver using POTH with no problems so far with an RC10. Two nights of automated imaging, 4 meridian flips, and both nights ended with parked scope and dome in the morning. It’s a good feeling.

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That’s good to know! I’m new with using POTH (been with SGP - and going full bore with Voyageur now). Just trying to figure things out. Glad there are a lot of users now :slight_smile:

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Welcome … thanks for report.