Dome/roof status addition and CCD temp indicator change on web page

Hi all
I’d like to request that as part of the web page could there be a status icon for the event indicators light/safe/resume/exit (dragscript status) and another one for dome/roof open/close. The status may be next to the abort button… This is tending to be the thing I am reaching for in the middle of the night to check that the dome is safe when there is a sudden shower !

The other thing that is similar to this is a better view on the CCD temperature. Its hard to tell whether Voyager thinks the CCD has achieved the operating temperature or not from the small graph window on the web page. To be honest, I don’t care whether it has achieved the set temp, I care more whether Voyager thinks it has since that is what will will delay any further operations without me knowing.

Many thanks

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