Dome - Slave On Sequence Start (Sequence Won't Start)

I am using POTH to control the Dome and Scope and they are slaved.

If I check the “Dome - Slave on Sequence Start” in Voyageur under “Dome” then the sequence will never run for me?

Also, even though I have the dome/scope slaved in POTH it always shows “Dome not slaved” in the Commands under Observatory.

Can someone explain please?

Have you tried to look at reason in monitor log ?
Dome not slaved is a string report the status of Slave. The status is read from driver, this mean the driver report “not slaved”.

Here are my settings, don’t have a shutter yet so it will show an error on that.
VoyagerDragscript ASCOMPoth VoyagerObsCommands

In your image Voyager report slave is dome … which is the error in sequence ?

Mine works fine, the error is expected since I don’t have a shutter controller. Just for reference for GeneralT001 to compare settings.

Just so I am clear and understand. I get the “Dome Not Slaved” message because the Nexdome ASCOM driver is not reporting correctly? (so basically a bug in that driver?) and I need to let the person who wrote it know and he can correct it?

And until that is corrected I need to have that “Dome-Slave On Start Sequence” unchecked"?

Heres what I see in that box when I have POTH running and slaved with my scope:

This is the driver I’m using, it was just released in final form about a week ago.

Weird, because I’m using the same one but I get the “Dome Not Slaved” in Voyageur?

I do notice that in your pic above it shows you selected “POTH.Dome” but that isn’t a choice for me? I have to choose “ASCOM.Nexdome.Dome”?

For whatever reason, that might be the issue. Both the telescope and dome connect to POTH.

I have been running a NexDome from Voyager since April using the now discontinued “Official NexDome” driver.
I used POTH initially because it provides access to the NexDome driver setup dialog. This configuration worked well enough to allow me to develope and run an Image_All_Night script, but it suffered from occasional disconnections from the dome driver.
Since switching to the ASCOM Dome Hub, I have not had a disconnection incident. The switch was easy, I transferred all the POTH settings (in mm) directly into ADH without converting to inches.
The only impact on my script was the need to add Dome Sync OFF elements before every Dome Find Home command because the ADH does not automatically unsync, while POTH does.
I still run POTH when Voyager is not connected if I want to access to the NexDome setup dialog to read the shutter voltage or see the status of the rain relay.

Hope this helps.

With this setting you use directly the nexdome.

I see in the monitor it says:

Dome Slave Manager: Slave is Locked to OFF from Voyageur User

Is this normal? How do I get the Dome to Slave with Voyageur? Is that something the ASCOM driver writer needs to correct?

Slave of Dome will be done at sequence … its a safety system not a problem of driver.

All the best

Unfortunately this is the message I see even when the sequence is running.

This message is write by voyager also when you want to slave a dome when driver cannot allow slave, or slave is not supported by driver.

Code is equal for all users (and dome) i can’t modify. Please check the setting you have.
If your driver dont say what expected use the flag “Dome - Force Check Rotation also if not slaved”.

All the best