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With my F2 RASA in my Bortle 7 skies, I have to shoot 10 second lights. There’s a 7 second gap between frames, and shooting 10 frames takes 170 seconds. Since I shoot hundreds of frames, this is a problem. A lot of lost time.

Is this 7 second gap to be expected? Am I doing something obvious wrong?

Is there anything I can do to reduce the gap between frames?

Thanks, Bob

I don’t know if you do something wrong but if you use 10s time for shot I don’t think voyager can help you on this kind of astrophotography . Probably a pure shot application help you. Goal of Voyager isn’t to be fast. Anyway if you have log of your sequence I can try to look if there are something can be modified in sequence setting.

All the best

Bob, some more info would help in diagnosis. What camera, how are you connecting (ASCOM?), have you tried other software with it with different results, etc?

Thanks, Wayne

Thanks for the replies. Responses.

Will try to find a log of a sequence, probably easy, but I’ve not done it before.

Camera is a 183C. ASCOM. Scope is a C8 RASA, F2. Skies are Bortle 7. That explains the 10" exposures.

Sharpcap can run off sequences with only 1 second of overhead. Which is what I’ve been doing after using Voyager to acquire the target and autofocus, since Sharpcap can’t integrate autofocus routinely, and dithering is an issue. . I’d like to do more automation. NINA was 2, but I’ve been told I can speed that up.

Like i said this kind of application are better for short exposure like yours they don’t checks on data like voyager just download and start new shot and save data during shot.

Voyager before to procede must be sure finished shot is ok and on the disk.

I get that, this is not a complaint. Just wanted to ask in case I was doing something wrong. Wanted to ask because I didn’t want to just give up on Voyager, I really like it.

If you can send to support mail the log we can look if modifying the sequence configuration you can remove some overhead.

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Thank you. I deleted my old logs, will make a new one when weather permits.

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