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As of now my subs are stored on my laptop under Documents >Voyager > Sequence which when the session is over, must be transferred to a flash drive, then to my PC for processing with Pixinsight. Is there a way to direct Voyager to store the subs directly on to the flash drive or even better, directly to a file I could create on my PC? I have dashboard loaded on my PC and using Windows 10.


Best to use the fastest disk on PC during acquisition and better to have sync application or copy script or something like google driver / dropbox service running.

If you want you can change dir os sequence:

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Thank you for your assistance!

You are welcome

If the 2 machines are on a network, you can use something like Syncthing to get it to automatically transfer the images from the laptop to the PC.

I have looked at that option (worried about download speed) and also cloud sharing (much cheaper). But when I download the file containing the images on the laptop to the cloud, the folder shows up on my PC but it comes up empty. I will look into SyncThing again.

Thanks for the come back!

Hi Harold,

try SyncBackSE … its free with some limitations in features that isnt necessary for you.
I use it since years with success.

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Also look at this:

Hey Joe,

I was able to successfully run a Sequence to capture Bias and Darks and downloaded images from camera to my Desktop PC over the WiFi network instead of downloading to my local astro imaging laptop. It’s pretty simple and no extra software necessary.

On my Desktop PC, I enabled sharing where my images will be stored and set Permission Level to Read/Write to “Everyone” and “Guest”. Then on my astro imaging laptop, I mapped network drive to “Z:” to the shared folder of my Desktop PC. Finally in Voyager’s Sequence Configuration, I simply point the mapped network drive (“Z:”) in “Sequence Directory” box to store images in my Desktop PC.

The only small issue is it’s slower to store images from camera to another PC over the WiFi network but it’s pretty convenient.

Peter in Reno

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