Dragonfly Roll Off Roof control

Hi People i am Diego Colonnello from Australia, i use a Dragonfly to control my Roll Off Shed, in other softwares i connect to the dragonfly by selecting the Ascom driver and it commands open close and checks for status, but on Voyager it does not want to work, maybe it is calling out the wrong command…

Is there something i can do?

SGP and Prism can control it perfectly…


Note for Leonardo: i like this software a lot!!!

Hi Diego, welcome.
I downloaded the log from your PC, i’ll check what is not working.

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I checked the DragonFly ASCOM Driver.
It doesn’t report the connection status of Dome, this is against phylosophy of Voyager in terms of strong avalaibility. I send a request of info about to Lunatico developer. I thing the software you mention doesn’t check this.

I have two way to help you:

  • create an unsafe connection stateless ASCOM interface to add to dome control
  • create a dedicated interface to DRAGONFly code library

The second way is better from me to maintain Voyager security standard and to allow Viking to connect dragonfly like I/O Card.

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the second way looks best, and if i can connect Viking to the Dragonfly and switch the relays it would be PERFECT

I created a Daily Build with ASCOM Dome ConnectionLess Interface.
THIS IS NOT SAFE for Automation but work like the others software you mention and sincerely i don’t like this, but is usefull to understand Voyager check control quality.

You can download and test here:

Let me know if also work for you.

All the best,

Thanks so much, this was Fast… i will test it tomorrow and start planning my imaging night… i would love to see Voyager talking directly to my Dragonfly and Viking controlling the dragonfly relays and sensors…

Remember, Voyager can run external script, in this case the DragonFly Script.
Also you can run external script in Voyager DragScript.

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Hello, I have just bougt a voyager and a Viking licence, I am trying to setup my equipment but my dragonfly Ascom driver for the roof does not connect with Voyager or with Viking, it works well with any other capture software, is this the same problem that Diego Colonnello reports? What I have to do?

Just as a point of reference, I have a Dragonfly and have no issues connecting from Voyager to the ASCOM driver. I run three scopes on three different PC’s in the same observatory and they all connect OK, so I don’t think there is an inherent issue, sounds like a configuration problem. The first thing I’d do is make sure Voyager is the first and only program connecting to the Dragonfly, as not all ASCOM drivers allow multiple connections, and it is important that Voyager be the one that starts the Dragonfly.


Simple question, how do I connect the Dragonfly to Voyager? Next question how do I control with Dragscript?

Thanks in advance


Hi Matt,

Under settings / dome, just select Dragonfly driver - nothing else to do ! Then you will be able to control the roof directly within Voyager.

You have tons of option in Drascript :slight_smile: what do you need exactly ? Can you elaborate a bit ?


Thanks Aygen.

I actually have a scopedome arduino card connected to dome. I use the dragonfly to power the mount, computer, etc. Need to connect both to the same profile. Also have an Eagle 4 running some other things which is now connected through viking.

I’m using a variation on the perpetual wait safe drag script. Need to be able to switch relays on the dragonfly eagle and scopedome card.


All the best