Dragscript and other questions

Hello, just purchased the license and waiting to receive the email. My equipment is currently not available so I’m trying to set-up things in advance. My equipment consists of very precise mount 10Micron and very precise focuser / rotator : nitecrawler. A few questions:

  1. I plan to prepare a series of targets using the virtual FOV and save as Roboclip. It wasn’t clear to me if the angle shown is a Sky PA ?
  2. When then setting-up a sequence and importing from Roboclip, it imports the PA from 1). under Rotator should I then chose SkyPA (and not PA ?)
  3. First time imaging. I assume I will need to do a Platesolve for the software to collect an offset. For additional sequences or imaging another day, will I need to do a plate solve every time or is it unneeded with the offset recorded somewhere.
  4. On rotation, if the target is 270 but the rotator is at 90, will it accept the position or move 180 degrees ?
  5. If I wanted to do flats (I have an Alnitak flip flat) another day or in the morning, how do I get the rotator to move to the angle of an earlier sequence as I have provided a SkyPA and not a rotator specific PA
  6. I have an Eagle 3 and 4. I understand the use this in drag script I will need the Viking software ?
  7. Assume I have a drag scrip with 3 targets. One sequence has LRGB but I decide I only want to do L that night, do I need to save the sequence first with only L or can this be managed from within dragscript ?
  8. If I have a sequence with LRGB and Ha and I want only to guide the Ha portion. Is that possible within drag script or would I need to save two sequences, one with LRGB and one with Ha
  9. Dragscript : I will want to provide power to my 10Mount through a bat. file and to my equipment through the Eagle ports. I assume my script would start with these elements (would love to see an example with Eagle).
  10. This is pushing it… but can dragscript be in theory used to program multiple nights of imaging or just one night ?

Sorry for the many questions.

I resolved 6. and 9. but still interested in confirmation for the other questions.
Thank you

I think all of these can be easily addressed by syncing your rotator to sky PA. You just need to do it once and be done with it. You can do that via a command in DragScript, or simply plate-solve once, and enter the PA into the rotator and do a “manual sync”.

I believe you need to prepare separate sequences for these needs.

I’ve thought about this but never try it, but I am guessing you can make your whole DragScript as a loop; The loop ends at dawn, and circles back to start action at next dusk; What I don’t know is if Voyager would recognize the next dusk based on next day’s time, or does it continue counting hours without recognizing it.
If you don’t mind one click though, you can always start the DS the next day without changing anything.

Thanks for the responses. It would be nice to hear from Leonardo on 1-5 as he seemed to suggest that syncing was not required. Is the point of syncing to align PA to SKY PA ?

On 10. I was thinking if I go on vacation and have no access to my set-up, this would be fun to try. Many things could go wrong but still worthwhile if possible. I guess at the end of your day dragrscript series you can add a wait 12 hours and Goto restart.

Adding one more question. I seem to be speaking to myself :slight_smile:

On the wiki, drag script includes the following :slight_smile: Dragscript-plate-solving .

However, within drag scrip elements, I could only find the first two.
Thank you

I wonder if it has been moved?


Thanks for the response. I’m not sure it is the same as Rotator Sync doesn’t imply a plate solve. But again I could be wrong.

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Thank you. I’ll make sure to use the right category next time.

Leonardo reverted directly via support.