Dragscript blocks active/not active


first of all let me tell you how impressed I am with Voyager. Great work, worths every single cent from my prespective.

My ultimate goal is to automate almost everything I can considering my current setup, so it’s normal that I’m spending several hours around dragscript.
I know there’s a simulator to help finding any mistake before we test the script in “live mode”. But I wonder if is there any way where we can temporarily deactivate certain code/block, instead of creating another instance of the script and use whatever part we need in “live”.

If there is not such feature, do you think it would bring added value to dragscript to the point where it makes sense to implement it?

Thanks and congrats on such a nice piece of software!


Welcome Miguel,

thank you so much for using Voyager. The feature requested is already on todo list.
Not easy to do because DragScript is not a language.

All the best

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Yes, I like this feature too, i would be nice to be able to activate/deactivate single rows or blocks in a drag script. Visually it could show like a green check och a red X in the little circle that preceds every row :wink:

I have bought licenses for SGP, BYE, SharpCap, APT - but this is the software that i will stick with, I dp like the other SW packages, but for me, Voyager really works :wink: Thank you !!

A workaround is to define a series of flag variable at the start of the DragScript and only run certain blocks if the status of the flag variables match’s I.e

RunSequence1 = 1
RunSequence2 = 0

Block Sequence 1
If RunSequence 1 = 0
Exit Block


That’s pretty much what I do. I use a modified version of the All Night script and added an option block where I check off yes or no for some items I change. I like to leave my sequences pretty much the same and change whatever options I need in the dragscript if possible:

wait for astro dark -sometimes I want to start a sequence immediately to test or whatever and don’t need to wait for astrodark, so I might need to skip this.

skip alignment (go to 3 Alt/Az coordinates and plate solve -makes my pointing faster and better) -sometimes I’ve already done on this and want to skip it.

calibrate the guider go to Alt/Az coordinates and calibrate the guider (go to meridian and equator) -this is helpful if I change my camera position angle and need to have it calibrate the guider otherwise I skip it.