Dragscript - Camera Expose function configuration

For the Camera Expose function in Dragscript, I’d like to customise the filename output with the use of variables. This is so I can get the fit files named as per a requirement for a specific project (the naming requirements are beyond my control).

I need access to the UTC time of the exposure (hhmmss) and the target name (at least).

e.g. MyPrefix_##UTC##_##TARGET##_MySuffix.FIT

There’s a configuration field already available for some customisation of the filename, but it would be nice to be able to do more.


Hi Chris,

not supported at now. I will put in the todo list.

All the best

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Thanks. While I’m adding to the todo list, could the directory path also be customisable with variables, eg Date (YYYYMMDD)?

Look at file pattern:

Ok, I might be able to do most of what I want now via a sequence. Not as convenient as in the Dragscript itself, but quite possible.

I just need variables for UTC time and it would be nice to get Year, Month, Day as separate variables so I can use them without the “-”.

Assuming I can get the sequence to work, I’m not blocked on this. I can write a small post session script to do the final file naming using what is currently available.