DragScript Feature Request - Copy/Move Logfiles to another place

Hello Leonardo,

one more feature request for DragScript: I miss a feature that allows to copy or move the logfiles of the current script run (or the current date) to another location than the standard logfile folder.

Background: I want to keep the logfile of the night together with the data of the night to transfer it as a complete paket via rsync and archive it. I want to do that without manual intervention. Unfortunately the logfile is in a location different from the data. To copy it via external script is a bad solution since the script would need some sophisticated date logic to pick the right logfile that belongs to the specific night. The DragScript run should know the name of the logfile and should easily be able to make a copy to a subfolder of the specified sequence path (or a path by choice). So, at the end of the DragScript such a command could join the logs with the data. Would that make sense to you?

Or is there already a feature to do that which I just missed?


Hi Mathias,

the log are for day and not for script. So you can move the file only of the day before.
You can do this simply with an external script this is really simple with power shell or you cna write a little executable, the location is always the same.

All the best

Hi Leonardo,

ok, understand. Thanks.

Regards, Mathias

If you are using Advanced version of Voyager you can use the PDF report automation.

All the best

Already puchased the Advanced License yesterday in the evening. :slight_smile:

Regards, Mathias

Perfect, this help you to use directly the PDF report that is connected to each runs