Dragscript - meridian flip

I have a drag script which automates one target (dome, weather etc) in a night.

I would like to rotate 180, plate solve and refocus after the mount flips. I can’t see anyway of doing this in dragscript… have I missed something ?

Thank you

If you generated a sequence for this target, it’s simply an option to enable meridian flip management inside the sequence setup (minus the re-focus I think).

Use a Sequence for the target, have inside all you have asked !

Thank you, yes I know I can use a sequence, but I prefer the flexibility of “exposure” in drag script… I just prefer the flexibility of dragscript. The problem I have with “sequence” is that it is not self contained.

OK , so no meridian flip in dragscript. :slight_smile:

Meridian flip cannot be done at command. Its a mount driver decision so you can do externally only with some calculation. You must check HA and send a goto in dragscript when the HA passed the zero.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo

Actually… I’ve decided I don’t want to rotate after a flip. PixinSight StarAlignment automatically rotates the images and if I did rotate (for best practice) I think I would need 2 sets of flats (one for each roatation).
Plus I forgot … If I rotate I would also need to recalibrate the guider.