Dragscript or my computer?

I run a Paramount MX+ with a mini pc at the scope utilizing skyx and voyager. I’ve had problems over the last several months with my mini pc shutting down in the middle of an imaging run. I’ve mostly used a dragscript program to image deep sky objects at night using a ZWO camera (various ones). However, today I was testing an eclipse dragscript I created for the total solar eclipse coming up in April here in the USA but using a Canon T3i camera. The mini pc shutdown twice during the run. Is there any way of knowing whether it’s is caused by Voyager, skyx, or the mini pc?

Dennis , cannot be Voyager to restart the PC. Check the event viewer of your OS.

OK, I checked the event viewer (sorry, didn’t know there was such a thing). It is indicating that it is TheSky64 that’s causing the error. So I’ll check with Software Bisque. Thanks for the info!

Could also be simply a power/voltage drop…
My 2 cente

Thanks, Rodolgo, haven’t thought of that. Going to get a UPS and see if that helps.