Dragscript question

So I have my dragscript working well with up to 5 sequences I can do. However, in some cases I would like to do a Mosaic (research & survey) instead of a sequence. Replacing the sequence with a dragscript is not that quick as my sequence has various IF ERROR type of things below it. Is there a smart way to have both a sequence and mosaic and be able to pick or cancel the other one (is it a matter of just indicating immediately start and finish with 0) ?
Ideally, the Sequence dragscript line would allow you to also pick a Research and survey Mosaic.
Thank you

Use a counter variable and for example 0 for sequence or 1 for mosaic … where you have sequence block put a DO IF COUNTER and decide what to run

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I also use this system and I have also entered a WAIT USER OK which helps me to understand if I am doing the right choice. I ask if it is possible to INSERT A VARIABILE INPUT BY USER (counter or string) . For example: “assign 1 for X, 2 for Y, 3 for z” and save it in a variable to be managed later. Thanks


Hi Andrea, I will add this … its useful. Thanks