DragScript Sequence

Finally setting up Dragstrip for first run. Have a few questions to confirm my understanding . . .

Am using the ‘Initial MultiSequence Dragstrip’ script as my template. Concerning multiple sequences.

I am using a rotator and do desire to precise point to target with PA for each sequence. As each sequence is run will both the pointing and PA be run from within the sequence like what happens in OnTheFly or do I need to preposition Pointing and PA prior to each new sequence?

I know there is an entire configuration dialogue in the script command ‘sequence’ but is that necessary to override if everything is properly setup in each individual sequence? In particular PA.

Thanks for any clarifications.


Use the PA in Sequence configuration and setup the flag to use rotator.
Voyager will adjust rotator at beginning of sequence and after the meridian flip for each sequence.


Not necessary to override if you use a different sequence for each sequence block, if you use only one sequence file and override the target in the sequence block in DragScript you must ovverride also the PA.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo. That all makes sense.

Did a full run tonight. Start up and shutdown went fine. Some issues with multiple sequences. But will sort through those as I check the logs.