Dual Camera Slave Application

Hi Leo,

I know I have asked about dual camera support on a single computer before and I understand that it’s not possible at the moment. So now I’ve had a look through the Application Server Protocol and it mentions that it can accept more than one connection and that got me thinking.

My goal is to have a really dumb ‘slave’ application that does nothing else apart from:

  • Connect a camera, focuser and filter wheel
  • Manage the cooling
  • Change Filters
  • Take images
  • Do focus runs

I’m a .NET developer so now I am thinking that I could start a project to implement this by using the Voyager Application Server. So when running I would have the normal Voyager application doing all the work as normal but additionally this separate ‘slave app’ would also connect to the Voyager server and use it to control a separate camera, filter wheel and focuser.

But before I dive in I just wanted to check that this is possible?



Hello Mike,

yes i know … so sorry but todo list is really long and i have different priorities to be honest.
Array system work in this way with application server so i can tell you is possile.

Probably you need to intercept event to start imaging in the intermediate application to command slave.
Let me know if you need some events to add in Application Server Protocol.

But Voyager can run only one instance !!!

All the best

No need to apologise! :smiley:

At least I know it’s possible. I’ll investigate when I get some free time… First I need to sort out my setup with Voyager. I have a few questions/issues but I’ll do that in a separate thread.



Just tell me better how you want to do because Voyager run only one instance actually on one pc, this is the limit.
I can open instance with some work

Ok, my plan would be on the same PC:

  • Voyager Application Server Running
  • Voyager Application Running
  • My custom slave application running (using Voyager application server)

So I wouldn’t need a second instance of Voyager application running. I just need the server to be able to do the work for my slave app and also do the work for the normal Voyager app. Is that ok?

Like client you can connect to Voyager application server and send command, command will be run in the Voyager instance you connect only. Voyager host Application Server, Application server is not outside Voyager.

So if you want to manage 2 setup in one pc you need 2 instance of Voyager, actually this is not possible. I must open the instance number to more than 1.

Ah ok, I understand. :smile: So that won’t work then, it’s not a problem, I’ll think of something else…

To be honest I could implement everything from a custom app, the only thing I don’t think I will be able to do is the focus run, that sounds a bit too complicated and time consuming.

I know you are busy and this is really not that important but if you ever have time to allow two instances then let me know and I’ll revisit this.