Ending all night sequence in dragscript

I’m trying to figure out a way to check for the end of the night and then perform the shutdown actions. Ideally I’d use a “DO IF current time >= astronomical night end time” however I don’t think this option is available.

The closest thing looks to be DO IF TIME BETWEEN however that would require the time be adjusted periodically.

I see there is Repeat Block Until Astronomical Night End but I’m not sure how I would use this option as the imaging loop in my script is made up of a number of blocks.

Has anyone already worked out a way to do this?

Alternately, would it be feasible to add an Element in the Decision-Operating Conditions to allow this approach?



Check Leo’s dragscript examples, specifically the Perpetual script.



Thanks José,

I’ve had a look at that Perpetual example however I don’t think it performs a check for timing once the sequence commences - it has Wait Safe at the beginning of the sequence as far as I can tell - unless I misunderstand how the wait safe element works?


What’s your action before the shutdown? If it’s a imaging sequence, then natually “repeat until astronomical night” would work? You can specify which block (or a master block) to repeat by placing the repeating option in the corrsponding level.

The action before the shutdown will either be a sequence (there are 5 in the script) or a wait for target to reach elevation. I might need to do some re-arranging to use the existing options such as putting all the sequences under one main block rather than have 5 sequence blocks hanging off the main tree.