Enhancement: Constants or Variables

Hi Leo,

I’m very impressed with the speed and stability of Voyager and I just purchased a license.

I typically image 3 to 6 objects a night and my current approach is to define a sequence for each object and a DragScript to automate the entire night from startup to shutdown.

I am editing the DragScript to deal with things that change from night to night, like the number of objects being imaged, and the starting and ending time for each sequence. I would like to -not- edit the body of the script, but only edit some parameters that I could set up at the beginning of it. I think this would be less error prone.

For example, a parameter could be the number of objects to image that night. Then after each sequence, an IF statement testing the parameter would decide whether to go to the next sequence block, or the Terminate Session block.


Thank you so much Rowland, it means a lot to me because it is recognized all the great work of development and innovation that I have profffused in recent years.

I can add a block to create counter by name, a block to increment a counter by name and a conditional block to check >=< condition on block by name. Its ok ? If yes i can add in the next daily build.

All the best

Hi Leo - you have a lot to be proud about with your software. I have used almost everything available and so far only two products have met all my requirements, and yours is one of them. Good work!

When you say “increment,” do you mean to assign any value? If so, then yes, that would be a help. We could think of more things to do, like define string values and use them in other commands, but just having a numeric value that I could create, assign a value, and test <=> would be a big help.

You mention the “daily build” - is this something we can access, or do we just wait for a release?

Thanks again! Setting things up for tonight now.


Daily build appear in this forum with link to download

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