Error While Slewing Near Meridian

I’ve been using Voyager with my Paramount MX+ for well over a year with no issues. However, recently I changed the slew limits in The SkyX Bisque TCS to prevent a pier collision with a recently installed large refractor and imaging train. Since the change, I sometimes encounter an error that suggests that my slew limits are not compatible with what Voyager is trying to do and the error forces the sequence to abort. The link below contains a folder with a dialog capture from the SkyX of the slew limits and a Voyager log with the error in question. I suspect there is an easy answer but for whatever reason it eludes me. What do I need to do to maintain the slew limits but still keep Voyager running? Thanks! David

Please David, for support not use this forum but the channels at this link or the ones in your official license mail:

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Anyway some info about:

You must allow your mount to passing meridian for this two possible time amount (at your choice):

Another option is to leave meridian management from external (driver mount) and allow Voyager only to recognize it and do stuff for continue with sequence (this work only if driver in Voyager is an ASCOM driver and if you have the ASCOM meridian mode of ASCOM type and not From scope position). Voyager are not responsible for the meridian change !!

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Thanks, Leo! I think I have it figured out. David

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