Esprit 120 first light: NGC281 Hubble Palette

Finally after many months of waiting for my bench tested Esprit 120, and some time to finalise my semi permanent outdoor setup, I’ve managed to get first data last few days.

To my surprise, my HEQ5 guides incredibly well on the pier even with total weight being over the specs (but perfectly balanced with 4 cws and well aligned). So my plan to upgrade the mount can wait as I can do 10 minutes without problems (ASI1600) with Esprit 120, guidescope/camera, top plate, and 3/5kg imaging train including rotator and autofocuser, all managed by Voyager.

This is a total of about 15 hours, half of it in HA and the rest between O and S, 10 min subs, obviously all collected with Voyager doing as usual its amazing work!

Processed in Pixinsight with Hubble palette.


This is a really wonderful interpretation of the pac-man nebula. Your composition and presentation of color are unique and very appealing. Thanks for sharing.

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This is wonderful - I have a 120 Esprit on order, though I doubt I could do as good as this pic.
I really can’t wait to try :slight_smile:

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