Eta Carinae Mosaic

I have tried a couple of two panel mosaic images but this is my first large mosaic with 9 panels. Captured over multiple nights with the Research and Survey sequence run within a Dragscript. The Dragscript uses the new Wait Safe and Restart Dragscript functions to enable running over several nights with no intervention. Suspend, resume, start and stop automatically based on weather, astronomical darkness and target altitude. Amazing stuff Leo. I just have to process it which is not that easy trying to match intensity and noise pattern between panels. But Pixinsight has some good tools to do this with some time and effort. I will post my Dragscript when I get a chance in case it is helpful and provides some ideas for others.

(Sorry about the resolution - it is massively compressed to upload).


Thanks you so much Leigh … great result. Wonderfu image.
Thanks also for using the new Wait Safe, if you have time please publish the dragscript (remember to remove the private info inside with apposite function in DragScript Editor)

Thank you so much again