Execute DragScript

Hi there, I’m building some scripts to partially automate a school facility. I’ve got a number of circumstances where the observatory should shut itself down, and I want to have one dragscript to do this, rather than running the same code in several places.

I’ve come across the Node Execute Dragscript command which I think will do perfectly, but when I try to run it Voyager stops and says this needs a custom licence. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to set up or register some sort of node first? Would that be the “array setup connect” command? (please be kind to me, I’m not a programmer!)

Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill,

DragScript is not a language and you do not need to be a programmer !

Node Execute DragScript block is reserved to who have the Array version of Voyager and use array infrastructure to work correctly, this is the reason why you need an Array license.

About shutdown in only one place please take a look at perpetual dragscript for observatories:

All the best