Exposure Time ticking viewer


Last night I tested a dragscript that I build to run my observatory and Dragonfly using Viking and being the first script it when relative well, including flip, autofocus and guiding, I need to adjust a couple of extra control on the script itself to achieve what I require.
My question is to those more knowledgeable forum members then me, I understand that the concept when taking an image is to run the sequence unattended , but personally I like to check when taking an exposure to see the time running till the end of that exposure.

In the Monitor window you see the message like: “Exposing 300 [s] ; Filter=Blue ; Type=LIGHT ; Binning=1”

Basically I can’t see an exposure timer ticking down, which ideally could be beside where I see the message above or in Voyager FIT viewer.

I see that there is an exposure ticking time in Web Dashboard.

If there is an exposure time box in the Status or Commands that I am missing, would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance

I fyou need to check the remaing time you can check the advance bar for shot and sequence in the Sequence widget of status window:

otherwise for more info please use the webdashboard.

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