Extend WAIT to HA before meridian

We have ‘DO IF HA BETWEEN’ but no way I can see of waiting for an object to reach hours before meridian, would it be possible to add ‘WAIT HA’ please. That would enable Dragscript to wait for a target in the same way as ‘WAIT ALTITUDE’.

If this feature is taken care of in the Advanced version then I will happily wait.

Many thanks

Hello Robert,

for sure will be on Advanced version but i can add to DragScript.

Anyway the problem with WAIT blocks (generally) is that Voyager will not do anything else until condition reached so also with the timeout is necessary to be careful in using it. The DO IF HA allow to automatically choose the target to shot if you put mor than one of this block and is not blocking.

For your info.

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Thanks Leo,

That would be great if you could add to dragscript. I would expect it to block just so long as it doesn’t interfere with suspend/resume functionality which I assume is doesn’t.

Best wishes

No Robert, emergency events overtake everything.

All the best