External Script on Meridian Flip


Is it possible to run an external script on a Meridian flip action?
I couldn’t see in the Dragscript or Research/Mosaic-Survey or Sequence options if it’s possible to do this.
I am currently working on a notification system to alert the user on certain events, and would like to send an alert or run a script when the Meridian flip action is pending or being run.


For sure, i will add on the next release.
I will run it after meridian flip is finished, i cannot do before.

All the best

Hi Leo,

Thanks! That would be great.
For the meantime I can parse the log file for any relevant events that I might want to run my own external scripts on.

Grazie! :slight_smile:

Just for your info, there is an application server in Voyager able to send events to the client.
If you need some events to add just ask.


All the best

Thank you, I will look over this.
Is this available to use with the Base license?

Yes, some methods are reserved to advanced and custom license but not the events.

All the best

Ok thank you once again.