F-ratio support for Astromechanics lens control

I’m using an Astromechanics ASCOM lens controller for a widefield setup I’m building. I’m wondering if it’s possible to add an option to select the f-ratio without having to disconnect the ASCOM driver from Voyager and change the option manually. Can we have that change on the fly?

Also, it would be great to be able to have the f-ratio and lens model recorded in the FITs header, if that’s possible as well.


I suppose is a focuser ASCOM driver.
There isnt option to change this settings in ASCOM interface, this is a driver setting.
You must ask to developer if they have some command string to send when connected, in this case I can add a send ascom string block in DragScript

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is there not possibility via ALPACA (ASCOM REMOTE)
If that’s possible then you can use that comment within drag script.
even connected to voyager. I do that, but then for my mount.
Control the observatory via my OCS(node-red) via Remote ascom, while Voyager also interact directly with the ascom drivers. its a idea give a try :wink:


I’ve done some reverse engineering:


Aperture is only a variable to define the command string blind during position request !!
Cannot be changed externally.