False virus alarm on VoyagerBot

Hi all,

Thank you for supporting our VoyagerBot. I didn’t notice the “virus issue” until I saw the announcement from Leonardo.

I would like first to say we don’t add any code related to virus / malware / trojan / backdoor or any other form of harmful functions. When we creating the binary “exe” file, we used a tool called “PyInstaller”, it is also an open source software. There are several discussions on their forum and on other websites mention that the virus alerts detected by anti-virus systems on PyInstaller genreated binaries are false alarms. If you are intereting in it, please visit here or here for some discussions.

When distributed VoyagerBot, we also noticed the false alarm and followed a solution to remove the alarms. It works pretty well on our first several releases (and you can also find virus scan reports on our release page).

We will invest why the alarms re-appeared in our recent releases. We encourage everyone to use the python version which does not have PyInstaller.

As Leonardo mentioned, VoyagerBot is not a part of the Voyager software and the code is not controlled by the stuffs and developers of Voyager. If you have any questions or suggests for our tool, please send us a message via the forum, and we will reply the message as soon as possible.

Happy Holidays and clear Skies.

Kun and Liuyi


Hi, thanks for clarifying.

I would suggest to completely remove the win executable. That’s not needed IMHO.
If you’re smart enough to do AP and you already use Voyager… you can also manage to follow a tutorial in order to:

  1. Install Python
  2. Edit a config text file
  3. Run the script from CMD

If you really want a UI, you could take a look at some python UI (like used in Mountwizzard4, commonly used to manage 10micron mounts)

I asked to developer to create an executable because lot of our users are not able to install environments.
This is a false positive of VirusTotal service.

All the best

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