Feature request - Annotation toggle on/off in Virtual Field of View?

Hi Leo,

I usually pan around and browse through the Virtual FoV in Web Dashboard to hunt for next object; it would be really useful if there is a way to toggle an annotation on once I find an interesting target, so I know the name of it. Is this possible? Basically an annotated sky survey which is probably not impossible, as I have a friend did the same thing on his own sky survey. Hope others will find this useful and feel free to chime in. Thanks!



Good idea, I dont know if its possible, I will ask to the web developer.

All the best


That would be a great feature if it is possible. I often find myself copying coordinates from the virtual FOV into planetarium software, to identify objects I am not familiar with, or just what stars I have visible. Fingers crossed that the developer says yes.

Waiting for info from Aladin teams

There is a little “easter egg” (3yo) into the actual public version of WebDashboard which you all have.
If you include a specific variable with the url you can be activate and use a “Simbad Pointer” to ask any object query (also stars etc) visible in the Virtual Fov by clicking on it.
The complete url is http://www.starkeeper.it/wdash/?s_pointer=1
so adding “s_pointer=1” with “?” before if it is the first var, or “&” if there are other variables in the url.
Hope it can be useful.
I attach a screenshot.



Thanks a lot Francesco! This is a great start, really like the potential here.

I played with it a bit and I still think it’s hard to get the unknown deepskyobject’s identifier this way. 99% of the time I will be hitting a star, and it returns the name of the star… Is there a way to filter out stars, and only keep NGC/IC/LBN/LDN/SH2/vdB naming? I think those are 90% of the object we imagers interested in.

Again thanks for considering!



Any update on this? Thanks!

This is a very low priority todo. I will inform you when we will start working on this.
Remember that the base is Aladin so our development on it are really limited.